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Our ingredients come from farms that practice Regenerative Agriculture and are so far beyond organic it's not even funny.

Polyface Farms

Beef | Chicken | Pork
With three generations at work, the Salatin family changed the face of a degraded and eroded Virginia farm in just a few short years. Operating since 1961, William and Lucille Salatin three conventional farming out the window and learned how to replenish the soil naturally. Learn more about their process here.

Organic Pastures

Cream | Butter | Cheese
Established in 1998, Organic Pastures is a 100% organic dairy farm that specializes in RAW dairy. Part of their mission is to harness “Mother Nature’s blueprints” to produce and market superior quality raw dairy products. To learn more about the Organic Pastures process and products, click here.

Alexandre Family Farm

Owned and operated by Blake and Stephanie Alexandre, Alexandre Family Farm focuses primarily on health. And they know that starts with the soil. They specialize in eggs and milk on their near-self-sustaining land. To learn more about how Alexandre Family Farm works, check out their website here.

Stemple Creek Ranch

Specializing in grass-fed free-range meat, Stemple Creek Ranch is all about sustainability. For four generations (and counting), Stemple Creek Ranch has been dedicated to producing high-quality beef, pork, and more. To learn more about their practices, visit their website here.


Farmer Paul is all about fresh, free-range chicken. Pasturebird farms deliver the freshest, healthiest chickens raised as pastured poultry. This means their entire lives were spent roaming, foraging, and eating fresh, natural foods. To learn more about Farmer Paul and Pasturebird farms, check out their website here.

Journeyman Meat Co.

Bratwurst | Bacon
Peter Seghesio knows where food comes from. At the age of 3, he began learning how to craft sausage with the freshest ingredients. He later was trained by Italian masters in the ways of farming and production. There is nothing a Seghesio can’t do on a farm. Learn more about his Journeyman Meat Co. here.

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