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Healthy Sugar Substitutes

If you’re going keto, you know that you need to focus on eating lots of healthy fats, moderate amounts of protein, and very few carbs. But what about sugar or sugar substitutes? With so much information floating around, often it can be difficult to determine just exactly what the ketogenic diet’s stand is as far […]

Do You Eat Too Much Protein?

One of the most common questions that new keto dieters have centers around whether they’re eating too much protein. In general, the keto diet focuses on heavy fat intake, low carb intake, and moderate protein intake. But just what exactly does moderate protein intake mean? The answer is, it depends. While there is some science […]

The 16 Best Ketogenic Breakfast Ideas

Looking for inspiration when it comes to keto breakfast meals? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Breakfast plays a critical role, as you need to start your day off with essential nutrients in order to perform your best, both physically and mentally. And when you’re on the keto diet, your main focus should be […]

The Keto Guide to Water Fasting

The ketogenic diet (or keto for short) is one that focuses on extremely low carbohydrate intake and high amounts of healthy fats, mixed with adequate amounts of protein, for a nutrition-focused diet that emphasizes correct eating (rather than starvation). Where the Atkins diet left off, keto has taken over and gone to the next level. […]

The Keto Egg Fast: A Beginner’s Guide

Has your weight loss hit a plateau while on keto? Or worse, is your body struggling to fully transition into a fat burning mode? The solution may be hiding in your fridge. Welcome the keto egg fast. The Keto Egg Fast Chock-full of nutrients, fat, and protein, eggs are a great keto-friendly food to incorporate […]

Do I Have Ketones in My Urine? What You Need to Know about Testing for Ketosis

The ketogenic diet is favored for many reasons. Beyond its sustainable (and sometimes quick) weight loss results, the keto diet is known to create an anti-aging elixir in the body known as ketones. Ketones are the body’s most efficient source of fuel. Once your body relies mostly on ketones for its fuel, it enters a […]

17 Easy Keto Lunch Ideas

Finding delicious and easy keto friendly lunches that keep you full and committed to the keto diet can be a challenge. And tracking fat and protein percentages and net carbs can be time consuming enough to make keto meal prep daunting. Thankfully, we’ve taken some time to pull together some easy keto lunch ideas that’ll […]

Low-Carb Fast Food: Does it Fit into the Keto Diet?

Start Your Journey To Ketosis Get Started As anyone on a keto diet will tell you, one of the hardest factors to navigate is eating out. Eating fast food is not only convenient for those on-the-go, but is an affordable (and sometimes, the only) option for a meal. Plus, for many people eating out plays […]

What is the Keto Flu and How to Cure it

The keto diet focuses on eating calorie appropriate meals that consist of high fat, moderate protein and little to no carbs. The initial phase of the ketogenic diet includes adapting to ketosis. How long it takes to adapt depends on your body’s metabolism. Being in ketosis, your body uses fat as its energy supply instead […]