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what is carb cycling

What is Carb Cycling?: Your Complete Guide

Studies show that a low-carb diet is best for losing and maintaining weight. While it’s up for debate as to whether or not you should exclude carbs from your diet all together, one thing is for certain: a low-carb diet works great for any body type. This has led to the advent of carb cycling. […]

Exercise and Keto

Exercise and Keto: How to Exercise On the Keto Diet

In the world of fitness, athletes are always trying to reach their maximum potential. With the help of coaches, personal trainers, and doctors, athletes are trying tons of new diets, exercise programs, and supplements to get an edge over the competition. And one of these new diets has been taking the fitness world by storm: […]

Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

Going Keto: The Top Benefits of the Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet craze might have kicked up in recent years, but it’s actually been around for a while. Known as keto for short, this diet plan was first designed in 1923. This program focuses on a macronutrient ratio that’s high in fat, adequate in protein and low in carbs. Today, more people are experiencing […]

What is the Keto Diet

What is the Keto Diet?: A Beginner’s Guide to Keto

The Keto Diet has been flying high as the most popular diet trend around. People who want to lose weight are rushing to try the diet.  Abbreviated from “Ketogenic Diet”, the diet isn’t just another fad. There are more than 23 studies which back up the claims. Your risk of developing dozens of diseases, such […]

Keto Diet Myths

Debunking the Myths: The Top Myths About the Keto Diet

High-fat, minimal carbs. That’s the keto way. And it’s been shown to have all sorts of positive effects. For instance, strange as it sounds, eating lots of fat actually helps you to lose weight versus other diets. It’s known to do wonders for energy, focus, memory and blood sugar levels too. Clearly, the keto diet […]

Signs of Ketosis

What is Ketosis?: The Top Signs Your Body is in Ketosis

Eat lots of fatty foods to lose weight and get healthier all around. Sounds too good to be true, right? Yet this is exactly what the keto diet (of high fat, medium protein, and absolute minimal carbs) promises. Indeed, people on it have been found to lose 3 times as much weight as non-keto controls. […]

vegan keto diet

Can Vegans Be Keto?: Your Guide to the Vegan Keto Diet

Consumer diets are more diverse with a shift focusing on more healthy trends. In the US, there has been a gradual increase to 6% of consumers subscribing to the vegan lifestyle compared to 1% in 2014. Vegas is on restrictive diets as they don’t eat any animal products such as meats, fish, eggs or dairy. […]

Keto Meal Delivery Service

How to Choose the Best Keto Meal Delivery Service: Your Complete Guide

Are you health conscious, too busy to prepare meals, and do not like ordering the high carb fast food? Worry no more. Keto Meal Delivery Service providers have a solution to your problems. They are affordable and convenient. The providers deal with local suppliers and farmers. And will supply you healthy meals at affordable rates. […]

Good carbs vs bad carbs

Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs: What’s the Difference?

Carbohydrates are one of your main sources of energy. Your body turns carbohydrates into glucose for energy in your cells, organs, and muscles. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends diets consist of 45 to 50 percent of carbohydrates daily. These carbs are not necessarily bad for you. Good carbs vs bad carbs- what’s the difference? Check […]