What Can a Ketogenic Lifestyle Do For You?

A ketogenic lifestyle can not only change the way you eat, but also how you perceive the world around. Click here to learn about the benefits of this diet.

Does seem like everyone from your next door neighbor to your kid’s school teacher is talking about the keto diet?

It’s because they practically are. But the keto (short for the ketogenic) diet, is much more than simply a diet. We prefer to think of it as the ketogenic lifestyle.

The growing popularity of the ketogenic lifestyle has caused many to ask – what can a keto lifestyle do for me?

Well, you’re in luck! We’re going to tell you what the keto diet is all about and go through the top benefits of it. Keep reading to find out more!

What is the Keto Diet?

If you don’t already know, the keto diet is a low-carb and high-fat diet with moderate protein intake.

It’s called the Keto diet because the goal is to get your metabolic state into what is known as ketosis.

What is the ketosis state?

This is when your body doesn’t have any glycogen (which is essentially sugar) left. Because of this, it needs to find an alternative source of fuel.

This forces the liver to metabolize fat into what are known as ketones. These become the main source of fuel for the body.

What are the Benefits of the Ketogenic Lifestyle?

Most diets that gain popular appeal are focused on weight loss alone. While this is one of the primary motivations of many people who choose the keto diet, it’s not the exclusive benefit of the diet.

The good thing about having multiple benefits is that it’s much more difficult to relapse if you have many reasons for sticking to it. The many plus points come from the fact that the ketogenic lifestyle changes the underlying biochemistry of your body. With a high carb diet your body is in a chronic state of storage mode. With a keto diet, your body is in a state of use mode. Thus, energy is used to repair and maintain your body instead of being stored at the expense of vital processes in the body. The ultimate question with regards to health is does your body want to use energy or store it? When your body wants to use energy instead of storing it, everything literally changes.

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1. Weight Loss

Of course, the first benefit to speak of is weight loss. Instead of being part of the problem as with many other diets, with the keto diet fat becomes part of the solution. After all, fat becomes the fuel source which is burnt by your body to give you energy.

Rather than using glucose, your body enters the ketosis state in which your levels of blood sugar and insulin drop. This process results in the fat cells in your body giving up the water that they’ve absorbed.

As a result, you will see an immediate weight loss due to water loss. After this, the fat cells reduce in size and enter the bloodstream. They eventually enter the liver where they’re converted to ketones.

As long as the low-carb diet is maintained, this process continues as you shed the pounds.

2. Improved Control of Your Appetite

Many people who are looking to lose weight struggle with controlling their appetite. After all, feeling hungry means that you want to eat even more.

But what you notice when you adopt the low-carb keto diet is that you have a reduced appetite. You simply don’t feel as hungry as you did before. Furthermore, you’ll see that your hunger is less random and more disciplined.

The greater control over your appetite allows you to fast throughout the day with only specific times when you eat meals. This is much harder when you have cravings for a snack in the middle of the night or for cake late mornings at work.

Plain and simple, with a ketogenic diet your body believes that food is plentiful and wants to use the stored energy on your body and this is why your cravings will be reduced. With a high carb diet, your body believes that food is scarce and as a result it wants to store as many calories as possible and does not want to burn stored calories. In the end, your body is trying to protect you from starvation. Want to lose weight and be healthy? Simply tell your body through your diet that food is plentiful and that it does not need to protect you from a possible future famine.

3. Enhanced Concentration Levels

The benefits of appetite control are numerous. After all, when you stop thinking about food and meals all the time, you free up space in your mind to concentrate on other things.

When you’re regularly eating carbohydrates, your blood sugar levels are constantly going up and down during the day. Due to this fluctuating energy levels, it’s challenging for your brain to maintain focus throughout the day.

By contrast, in ketosis, your brain uses ketones are the main source of energy. This provides you with a much more consistent level of energy, thus allowing you to concentrate your mind.

Once you start taking the ketogenic lifestyle seriously, you’ll notice the difference. You’ll never go back to eating a high-carb diet ever again.

4. More Energy

Your body has a limited capacity to store glycogen. This means you need to eat regularly to keep up your energy levels. But as we all know too well, your body has the ability to store quite a lot of fat at any one time.

This means that when your body is in ketosis it has a consistent and steady supply of energy that won’t run out. As a result, you’ll experience greater energy in the day.

The ketogenic lifestyle is spending the day where you have as much energy before lunch as after lunch! Can you imagine?

5. Combat Type II Diabetes

Do you suffer from Type II diabetes?

This is when your body produces more insulin than you need. But the keto diet substitutes sugar for alternatives, this lowers the HbA1c count in your system. According to scientific studies, there is evidence that the keto diet can work to reverse Type II diabetes.

6. Low Blood Pressure

Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Your blood pressure is a key indicator of heart problems, including your risk of heart attack.

If you have high blood pressure, the keto diet could help you to lower your blood pressure.

In some cases, the keto diet is so effective at lowering blood pressure that people don’t have to take medicine for high blood pressure anymore. But make sure you speak with your doctor before you make any decision on this.

7. Improved HDL Cholesterol Levels

I know what you’re thinking – but high cholesterol is bad, right?

Well, there are two types of cholesterol. The bad kind is LDL cholesterol, but the good type is HDL.

LDL cholesterol is your body’s storage and transportation vessels. The liver creates new fat molecules for storage and then needs more transport vehicles in order to transport the newly made fat from the liver to the fat tissue for storage. If your body is in storage mode because it believes that food is scarce, it is going to produce more LDL. If your body believes that food is plentiful, then it will not feel the need to create more storage vehicles.

And herein lies probably one of the greatest health misunderstandings of all time. Dietary fat does not equal blood fat and cholesterol and actually equals less blood fat and cholesterol. The fat in the blood comes from the liver making it and does not stem from dietary fat. Instead dietary fat without the presence of carbohydrates and insulin equals energy and less blood fat and cholesterol. In the end, everything comes back to your body being in storage mode or use mode. Fat tells your body that food is plentiful and as such puts your body into use mode. Carbohydrates tells your body that food is scarce and as such puts your body into storage mode.

8. Delicious Meals

The final benefit of the ketogenic lifestyle is a more colorful and healthy diet of yummy meals, tasty snacks, and naughty desserts.

Unlike other diets that force you to cut out cheese and butter. With the keto diet, you can have as much cheese and butter as you like.

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With so many benefits, the keto diet is more than a diet – it’s the ketogenic lifestyle. You can join the thousands of people changing their diets to enjoy the benefits of the keto lifestyle.

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