Can Vegans Be Keto?: Your Guide to the Vegan Keto Diet

Consumer diets are more diverse with a shift focusing on more healthy trends. In the US, there has been a gradual increase to 6% of consumers subscribing to the vegan lifestyle compared to 1% in 2014.

Vegas is on restrictive diets as they don’t eat any animal products such as meats, fish, eggs or dairy. Their meals plans are high on plant-based foods and seeds. On the other hand, the keto diet is designed in helping you lose weight by reducing the number of carbs you consume in a day.

While it’s hard to be a vegan and follow the keto diet, it’s not impossible. Check out this guide to the vegan keto diet.

Keto Diet

The keto diet is a high fat, low carb, moderate protein diet that promotes overall health and designed specifically to lose weight. While on this diet, you reduce your carb daily intake to 50 grams which helps you maintain ketosis.

This is the process where your body uses fat as energy as compared to glucose that’s highly produced by carbs. A typical keto diet is rich in meats, yogurt, and cheeses, which are not ideal for the vegans

Vegan Diet

There are numerous factors that make people opt to be vegans. These include health, ethical, moral, and environmental reasons.

As the vegan diet is strict on the consumption of animal products, it’s important to supplement the missing nutrients in the plants to avoid nutrient deficiencies. These could be deficiencies in omega 3, iron, zinc and vitamins A&D among other deficiencies.

Vegan diets are also effective in weight loss, reduce the rate of heart diseases and diabetes. This diet is high on protective and antioxidant nutrients.

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What Is the Vegan Keto Diet?

You may be concerned about whether it’s possible to live on a keto diet without meat, milk, eggs, fish and other animal-based products. As you watch your carb intake is it easy to be on a keto vegan diet?

The main source of energy in the keto diet is fat. It’s possible to get enough high-quality fat on the vegan diet. You should avoid oxidized seed oils that may be an unhealthy option and may threaten your health.

High-quality sources of fats that are also low on carbs include avocados, coconuts, and nut. When cooking you may use coconut oil, olive oils and MCT oil which can be used for dressing salads as well.

The vegan keto diet should have vegetables that are low on carbs such as mushrooms, cabbages, spinach, and assorted berries.

Proteins in the Vegan Keto Diet

Proteins help produce amino acid in our bodies. Your diet should be able to produce enough protein levels needed for the production of the building blocks of the amino acid.

In your vegan keto diet, you need at least 0.8grams of proteins daily per kg of your body weight. The main source of proteins should be derived from legumes such as lentils, peas, chickpeas, and beans. However, legumes are also high in carbs so should be eaten in moderation so as not to surpass your required daily intake of at least 50g of carbs per day.

You may opt for other products such as soybeans that are high in proteins and low on carbs. Tofu and tempeh and soy yogurt are also good alternatives for your proteins. Vegan protein supplements powders are also available and can help to reduce your protein deficiencies. Although proteins from plants are not of such high quality.

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Supplements in the Vegan Keto Diet Plan

Combination of the vegan and keto diet is extremely dangerous and you will find yourself on low energy and lacking essential nutrients from the diet. However, your supplements should be able to balance the diet.

To have optimal health, it’s rather important to supplement your proteins in the vegan keto diet. There are some other vitamins and minerals essential for your body that can’t be found in plants.

Everyone needs at least 1000mg daily of calcium. It’s mainly found in dairy products but should be supplemented while on the vegan keto diet. Ensure you consult a nutritionist on risk-free interventions such as leafy greens and nuts.

Ensure you go for high-quality iron supplements as well. Soy products are not easily absorbed therefore you could be at risk of iron deficiency if you don’t supplement that in your diet.

Omega-3 fatty oils that are mostly found in fish should also be supplemented. These help in your brain activity.

Vitamins B12, B6 and D3 are mostly from animal products with fish being the primary source of vitamins. These should be supplemented in adequate quantities daily so that your health is not at risk.

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Is Diet Healthy?

It’s important to consult a nutritionist before you start a vegan keto diet. The diet is a more sustainable approach to maintaining overall health and preventing chronic lifestyle diseases. When you eat diverse plant foods, you are building a strong immune system in your body.

The diet is not a one size fits all diet and may work for some and not the other. Ensure that you personalize your diet to fit your desired end goals for the diet.

When you are transitioning, to the vegan keto diet, your body may feel fatigued, constipation and in some cases, you may be easily irritable, weak and have poor concentration levels.

Keto Meal Delivery

Enjoy Optimal Health on Diet

When you are on the vegan keto diet, you have a wide range of delicious foods to choose from that are high on fats and low on carbs. Ensure you stay hydrated when you’re on the diet to avoid experiencing adverse side effects. As the diet is restrictive it’s not appropriate for everyone especially if you are on medication.

The vegan keto diet focuses on whole, unpossessed plant-based foods and may not be suitable for people who are pregnant or breastfeeding, have type 1 diabetes or anyone with eating disorders.

It may make sense to be a vegan however, it’s highly recommended to at least consider eating eggs or dairy products.

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