Keto Diet Foods and Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

Over 1.9 billion people suffer from obesity. Obesity is a fatal epidemic that’s tripled since 1975.

The saddest part? It’s completely preventable.

It’s been proven that your diet has a much greater impact on weight loss than exercise. As they say: ”you can’t outrun a bad diet”.

Many overweight people opt for fad diets in hopes of reaching their goals – just to be disappointed. The problem is, diets aren’t created equal.

Keto diets have become all the rage in the recent years – for good reason.

Are you leaning toward trying a Keto diet to help you lose weight? Keep reading to learn more about Keto diet foods and weight loss!

What is the Keto Diet?

The Ketogenic Diet puts your body into a fat-burning state where it uses stored fat as energy.

Unlike the well-known Paleo diet, The Keto Diet has less protein. Instead, your meals consist of very low-carb, low protein, and high fat. Your body then runs on ketones.

Ketones are an energy substitute for glucose. Glucose is what’s found in carbs and sugary foods and normally runs your body.

Ketones are produced from the fat in your liver and become your main source of fuel. This process of your body producing ketones is called ”ketosis”.

Low-carb diets have been proven time and time again to be more effective than low-fat diets. And the Keto diet is the king of all low-carb diets.

The Ketogenic diet essentially changes your entire body. This is why it’s so effective compared to other diets.

Keto Meal Delivery


Keto Diet Foods and Weight Loss

If you want your body to remain in ketosis and continue to burn fat, you must stick to the Keto Diet foods.

The main components of a Keto Diet are eating high-fat and low-carb foods.

What Foods Can You Eat?

  • 100% grass-fed beef
  • 100% pastured poultry and pork
  • 100% pastured eggs
  • Non-starchy vegetables
  • Healthy fats like avocado oil or grass-fed butter
  • Full-fat dairy products from 100% grass-fed cows
  • Certain nuts and seeds
  • Seafood
  • Dark chocolate

You may be wondering if you must eat grass-fed and pasteurized items? If you want the full effects and benefits of this diet – you should!

You won’t fail if you can’t follow that aspect every day, however. But if you’re consuming animals who consume foods you’re strictly avoiding, it’s defeating the purpose.

What Foods Must You Avoid?

  • Most fruits (except berries)
  • Carbs (grains, flour, starchy vegetables)
  • Sugar and desserts
  • Processed foods or Fast Foods

You’ll need to stick to around 50 grams of carbs a day, which may not seem like much.

But with the succulent meals you can craft with the high-fat foods you’re allowed to eat – you’ll be feeling full and satisfied all day.

Benefits of the Keto Diet

As you learn more about keto diet foods and weight loss, you’ll be astounded at how well this diet works.

There’s a reason it’s many celebrities go-to diet or lifestyle choice. Kim Kardashian is one of the well-known celebrities who utilize this diet.

Not only does it help you reach your weight loss goals swiftly, but it helps with particular diseases and illnesses.

What Are the Major Benefits of This Diet?

  • Massive and sustainable weight loss
  • Improved or cured epilepsy
  • Reduced blood sugar
  • Decreased metabolic syndrome
  • Diabetes
  • Certain cancers have shown improvement

As we mentioned, the reason the Ketogenic diet is so powerful comes down to the swap of glucose for ketones. Once your body is in full ketosis and is running solely on ketones, you’ll be burning through your stored fat like nobodies business.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life and enjoy your meals.

In fact, there are many delicious snacks and treats you can savor. And there’s copious amount of keto-approved meals that your whole family can enjoy.

Sticking to the Keto Diet

At the beginning of your journey with keto diet foods and weight loss, you may want to give up. This is normal for any major lifestyle change.

The key is to not give up.

Depending on how addicted your body is to sugar, you may feel not yourself or even ill for the first week or so. This is also completely normal and passes quickly.

Once you get over that initial stage, and you are in a ketosis state, you’ll start to feel amazing. So give it time!

How Can You Ensure You Stick to the Ketogenic Diet?

  1. Have an accountability partner to take the journey with you
  2. Tell your friends and family to keep yourself accountable
  3. Prep your meals ahead of time to avoid indulging
  4. Use a meal delivery service to save time and ensure you eat the right food

Using a meal delivery service is common for people on the Keto Diet because it makes it easy-peasy to eat the exact foods you should be.

If you live a busy lifestyle or know that cooking every day will become tough – a Keto meal delivery service is your best bet.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re familiar with Keto diet foods and weight loss, it’s time to get out there and apply what you know.

The crucial thing to remember is that you should avoid (not limit) carbs at any cost.

You need to adhere to a diet consisting of high-fat, 100% grass-fed meats and dairy, and lots of carb-free vegetables.

The science behind the diet is clear. If you stick to the diet, you’ll be amazed by the results in no time.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, contact us to hear about our Keto-approved meal delivery system.

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