The Fat Bomb Myth: Everything You Need to Know About The Hype

It’s almost impossible to walk into a gym or grocery store and not hear about the keto diet. Unlike other fads, the keto diet has come around and stays around because it actually works!

Crazy For Keto

The keto diet consists of eating calorie appropriate meals that consist of high fat, moderate protein, a little to no carbs. Doing this for a period of time (depending on your metabolism) puts your body into a state of ketosis. Being in ketosis, your body uses ketones as its energy supply instead of sugar or carbs. Ketones are fueled by healthy sources of fat. Thus, the need for high-fat low carb consumption.

Keto boasts to be one of the few diets to actually reduce cravings. Due to a stabilized blood sugar, keto dieters rarely suffer the need to cheat.

Gateway Sweets

But, not all is well in the keto world. “Fat bombs” are a keto trend created to curb the carnivorous sweet tooth. These “treats” are usually natural, high fact, with a moderate amount of sweetness either natural or artificial. However, do fat bombs actually contribute to keto health goals or are they a step backward? Do they affect all ketoers equally? Here is everything they don’t tell you about keto fat bombs.

What is “Fat Bomb”?

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Keto fat bomb recipes usually consist of a variety of seeds, nuts, fruit, cocoa powder, natural or artificial sweetener, and a solidifying fat like nut butter or coconut oil. There are also savory fat bomb recipes that include bacon, eggs, and avocado. A fat bomb is referred to by keto dieters as a high-energy snack, treat, or dessert. Some even consume fat bombs as a pre-workout.

The appeal to fat bombs is varying. Some keto dieters use fat bombs as a way to curb sweet cravings, or for a fat-dense snack. However, the keto diet is just about cutting carbs and sugar. Eating clean is a crucial part of being successful at keto. Clean keto eating means understanding the source of your calories and ensuring they are as mineral and vitamin dense as possible while also maintaining your high-fat, low-carb macronutrients to stay in ketosis.

While fat bombs aren’t allowed nutrient dense, they do provide a huge dose of fat that can fuel ketones.

What Fat Bombs Claim to Do

Keto fat bombs are usually 90% fat (or more). The fat commonly comes from dairy or coconut milk. These keto-friendly ingredients appear to make keto bombs suitable for a dessert, snack, or meal replacement. With so much fat in a single fat bomb (hence the name) the calories in a single snack can range from 250-500. Even though a keto dieter strives for high-fat, should a quarter of your calories come from a golf ball sized goodie?

Fat Bomb Ingredient Woes

Beyond the beneficial claims of fat bombs, there are a few reasons why they are hard to support, entirely.

A common misconception about the keto diet is the need to consume a large amount of high-fat foods in order to reach ketosis. In reality, it’s the deprivation of exogenous glucose that encourages your body to burn its own stored fat for energy. Thus, fat bombs tend to focus on increasing your consumption of oil, dairy, and sweeteners that can affect your success on the keto diet. Fat bombs look good on paper but can cripple your ketosis.

Fat Bombs & Fat Loss

Despite some keto dieters claiming they’d fail the diet if it weren’t for their fatty treat, fat bombs have nothing to do with your success on the keto diet. Much of such claims are strictly mental and not at all nutritional.

Success on the keto diet is the result of hormones, specifically leptin, reacting to a lack of blood sugar resulting in the body using stored fat for energy. Fat that is consumed for energy would be used before stored fat. Therefore, the benefits of fat bombs are significantly diminished in terms of fat loss. Because, while you may be sustaining a state of ketosis, you are fueling your ketones with fat bombs as opposed to extra stomach, thigh, or arm fat. Let’s break it down a little further.

Leptin and insulin are opposing hormones. One tells the body to store fat, the other tells the body to stop storing fat. While everyone seems so concerned with insulin and insulin resistance, high priority should also be placed on leptin. As with all hormones, the overproduction of it decreases the body’s sensitivity to it. In a body with excess fat, leptin is overused. The impact of leptin resistance is your body not knowing when or how to stop storing fat. This fat can come from coconut oil or frying oil, it wouldn’t matter.

Fat bomb enthusiasts fail to recognize that leptin resistance, though improved when in ketosis, is still a very serious hormonal adaptation that will not be reversed by consuming high amounts of fat.

Focus on Real Food

Replacing a fat bomb with nutritionally dense foods is more effective and sustainable. With the average fat bomb recipe containing 300 calories of fat per serving, your body would benefit more from any of the following:

  • 2 Organic eggs cooked in butter
  • ½ lb of Ground beef with broccoli
  • Fresh Salad with walnuts, berries, and goats cheese

It’s no secret that having variety and color in your diet means you are supplying your body with necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Your fat sources should be just as varying. The ideal source of fat on a keto diet is high-quality, hormone-free animal fats. Recommended types of keto-friendly saturated fats include:

  • Red meat
  • Butter
  • Lard
  • Cream
  • Eggs

The fats are packed with vitamins that are necessary when in a state of ketosis. Think beyond fat in order to achieve your keto health goals.

Fat Bombs: The Ugly Truth

Ketogenic diet dessert coconut almonds sugar free chocolate stevia

The reality is that fat bombs are an unnecessary trend in the world of keto dieting. Once you’ve become keto-adapted the idea of snacking is foreign. Most importantly, hunger pains become a rarity. Thus, fasting becomes a regular and more effective part of the keto lifestyle.

Fasting and Keto

Remember our friend, leptin? This fat-blocking hormone is a keto dieter best friend. When in a state of ketosis, this hormone and others (like insulin) are secreted less often. Resulting in fewer to no blood sugar spikes or drops. Thus, the keto diet reduces hunger. If you find yourself not reaching for lunch at noon or needing that evening snack, it’s probably a sign that ketosis is improving your hormonal balance.

Fat bombs promote unnecessary snacking. And, if you are craving a sweet treat, it may mean you aren’t in ketosis any longer. To effectively curb cravings turn to whole foods that are nutritionally diverse as opposed to super fatty. Again, switching the mentality of keto meaning more fat to keto meaning less exogenous glucose. Boiled eggs or a steak salad are a great way to respond to hunger. Wait until it’s an appropriate time for a meal and skip snacking altogether.

If you are keto-adapted, fasting is a great way to boost your ketone production. Fasting also empties your blood and liver of remaining glucose to promote a state of ketosis. If you’re not hungry, don’t be afraid to fast.

h2>Don’t Fall for the Fat Bomb Hype

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There are no quick ways to keto-adapt and suddenly consuming large amounts of fats won’t do it. Stop trying to skip to the front of the line with this one. Your body is going to take its own time anyway.

Success on the keto diet looks different for everyone. But most can expect:

  • Less hunger
  • Fat loss
  • Balanced hormone
  • Accessible muscle gain/maintain
  • Sugar detox
  • Mental clarity
  • Improved concentration

and so much more.

Experience Keto Meals Delivered

Accessing these benefits takes time and whole foods, not keto bombs. While a keto bomb won’t entirely wreck your diet, it certainly doesn’t add anything to it. Keep your sources clean and whole and let keto work its magic on your body and overall health. If you want to have fresh keto meals made of regenerative agriculture and organic ingredients, check this menu. We deliver nutritious and delicious keto meals to your door.

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