Are Meal Subscription Programs Worth It?

In 2017, 800 percent more people visited subscription box websites than just three years before. To say that the meal subscription industry is “in” right now would be an understatement, but is it worth it?

The answer: it depends. Not all meal delivery services are equal. Below are some questions we think you should ask before signing up for a food delivery service.

Are You Making a Long-Term Commitment?

Before you sign away your first-born child, read the fine print of a meal subscription service. Some subscription boxes lock you into long-term contracts or make you pay for several months upfront.

What’s worse is that specific popular meal subscription services are notoriously hard to cancel. While signing up could not possibly be easier, they make canceling a real pain.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the countless horror stories and articles just about canceling.

Luckily, you don’t need to get locked into a subscription to get delicious meals delivered to your door. Instead, opt for services like Ketoned Bodies. With our meal delivery, you never get boxes you didn’t want, and you don’t wait weeks for your next excellent meal.

You get total control over how much ready-made food you get. Order what you want without contracts or upfront payments.

Best of all, we don’t make you go through an obstacle course just to cancel. Since it’s not strictly a subscription service, you don’t need to cancel at all. (Not that you would want to.)

Keto Meal Subscription

Is the Meal Subscription Worth the Price?

Before you pick a meal kit for you, consider the price per meal. Then, compare that to what you would otherwise pay for similar items. If it’s not a good deal, reconsider.

Finding the cost per meal is pretty straightforward. If the box is $30 and feeds two people, the cost per meal is $15. Whether that’s a good deal or not depends on what kind of service you get.

Many meal subscriptions tell you to compare it to eating out. If your meals come ready-made like at a restaurant, this makes sense. However, if you have to cook the meal yourself, this is deceiving.

It’s important to remember that your time is valuable. If it’s going to take you an hour to cook the meal that you ordered, try adding hourly rate at work to the cost of the meal. Then divide by the number of servings and see if it’s still a great deal.

There are other costs to consider when figuring the worth of a meal delivery service. Think about the time it takes to plan a meal and shop for all the ingredients. You may also factor in the cost of transportation to the grocery store.

You should also think about the food waste that meal prepping for yourself causes. All those vegetables at the bottom of the crisper waste money if you never use them in a meal.

Overall, whether a meal service is worth the price or not depends on several important factors. Before you make a decision based on money, think about the real value of the box, where it saves you money, and in what ways it may not be so great.

Is the Service Tailored to You?

Does the company in question send you the ingredients they got a good deal on or meals that make sense for your life?

Researchers have found that personalized nutrition plans are more effective than traditional methods. In recent years, more people have come to understand that meal plans should be unique to a person’s goals, body, and tastes. However, it seems like some meal subscription services haven’t caught on to this trend.

Certain subscription boxes base their menus off of what ingredients they got for a reasonable price rather than what their customers want.

Ketoned Bodies isn’t a fan of that way of thinking. Instead, we have nutrition experts ready to talk to you and develop a meal plan that makes sense for you. No more weird recipes that just don’t fit your tastes.

You should also consider whether the company delivers on your time or theirs. Will you sign up and then wait weeks to get started or can you get your first meal overnight? You should expect to get your meals when you want them.

Keto Meal Delivery

Does It Help You Meet Your Goals?

Whether you want to look better in a bathing suit, have more time for your family, or treat your body to better food, the right meal delivery service can help.

The wrong service, however, can derail your goals. Be sure to carefully consider your life goals and see if the company will be a partner in those pursuits.

For example, Ketoned Bodies is proud to help people meet their body-related goals with nutritional meals. We don’t just use words like “clean” and “healthy.” We back these claims up with grass-fed beef, no grains, and more.

Our foods include no GMOs, gluten, steroids, pesticides, or other toxic materials. Instead, we just give you the right stuff. Plus, each meal is nutritionally balanced to put your body in ketosis.

The meals also require no prep, so you get more time to do whatever you love. All you have to do is pop the meal in the microwave with the specified settings, wait a moment, and enjoy. It can save your hours on Sunday meal prepping.

Keto Meal Prep

So, Should You Give It a Shot?

There is a meal delivery service for just about everyone these days. The trick is to find the one that works in your life. Before you make that decision, consider what kind of commitment you want to make.

Then, honestly break down the cost of each meal subscription service. Make sure to find a service that tailors the deliveries to your needs. Finally, consider whether the service will help you reach your various goals or keep them out of your grasp.

When you think about all these factors, it’s easy to see why so many people love Ketoned Bodies. Do you want to try the Nation’s first and only Regenerative Agriculture keto meals? Place your first order today and see why we really have no equals.

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