15 Keto Dinner Ideas Anyone Can Make

There are a lot of good reasons to get into the ketogenic diet, and weight loss is only the beginning. A fat adapted body is one that also enjoys lower blood pressure, decreased risk of diabetes and heart disease, improved mental focus, and nearly limitless energy. So why aren’t more people embracing the ketogenic lifestyle?

Well, for many, it all has to do with convenience. They see such an abrupt switch in dietary habits as too difficult or too expensive. After all, when you’re keeping a close eye on your macros and maintaining your caloric intake to 65% – 75% from fat, 15% – 25% from protein, and only 5% – 10% from carbohydrates, you can’t just eat whatever you might find in the fridge.

But don’t get discouraged; keto takes focus, but it doesn’t have to be hard. To help get you on the right track, here are 15 easy-to-make keto dinner ideas:

  1. Lemon and Sage Chicken in Cream

Lemon Sage Chicken

Given its lower fat content and high levels of protein, chicken isn’t always the best choice for a keto dieter. But with a little tweaking, you can make up the difference and create a succulent keto-chicken dish that will keep those ketones churning. Lemon and Sage Chicken in Cream (from Mark’s Daily Apple) is one such meal. Bone-in chicken thighs roasted in a sauce of cream, cinnamon, garlic, lemon, and sage makes a delicious dish that really delivers in the healthy-fat department. And, at only ~30 minutes prep time (plus 45 minutes cooking time), you won’t have to rearrange your schedule to accommodate this keto-chicken recipe.

  1. Fried Salmon with Asparagus

Fried Salmon with Asparagus

Some easy keto dinner recipes are easier than others, and this particular one may be the easiest of all. This quick keto Fried Salmonwith Asparagus recipe from Diet Doctor has only three ingredients: salmon, asparagus, and butter, all fried up together in a single pan. Of course, that’s not to say that you can’t build upon the basic recipe; feel free to toss in other low-carb veggies, and serve it all up with garlic butter. The meal only takes about 10 minutes from start to finish (including cooking time), so keep the ingredients on hand and cook it up when you need keto dinner ideas in a pinch.

  1. Easy Stuffed Peppers

Easy Stuffed Peppers

There are two sides to keeping your net carbs down: one is to avoid carbs in the first place, and the other is to increase your fiber intake. In the most simple terms, fiber is something like an anti-carb, subtracting from your total carbohydrates. So, low-carb, high-fiber meals are certainly some of the best keto recipes you can get. With that in mind, check out this recipe for Easy Stuffed Peppers from Keto Connect. Cut a few poblano peppers lengthwise, fill them with some keto-friendly ingredients, and cook them in the oven for ~20 minutes, and you’ll have an easy keto dinner recipe perfect for bringing down your net-carb count.

  1. Keto Pizza Meatballs and Mushrooms

Keto Pizza Meatballs and Mushrooms

This is one of our own favorites here at Ketoned Bodies — so much so that we now offer it as one of our products. This recipe was originally adapted from Maria Emmerich’s 30-Day Keto Cleanse cookbook, which is available from Amazon in a spiral bound, paperback, or Kindle download. This Keto Pizza Meatballs and Mushrooms dish is flavorful and filling. The ingredients include 100% pastured ground pork, mushrooms, onions, peppers, avocado oil, pasteurized eggs, red pepper flakes, and organic garlic. And at 57 grams of fat, 21 grams of protein, and only 7 grams of carbohydrates, this meal is a keto dieter’s dream come true.

  1. Salmon with Pistachio Pesto

Salmon with Pistachio Pesto

Wild-caught salmon is perfect for the ketogenic diet — it’s high in a number of vitamins and minerals, rich in healthy fats, and moderately high in protein. And (like the best keto recipes tend to be) it’s almost completely free of carbohydrates. This particular dish, Salmon with Pistachio Pesto from Mark’s Daily Apple, features a rich pesto sauce that’s dairy free, loaded with pistachio nuts, offers a zing of lemon and garlic, and is thick enough to spread. Pan sear some salmon and then add the sauce, and you’ll have a new take on traditional seafood. Alternatively, if salmon isn’t your thing, you can use this keto-friendly pesto sauce on a variety of other keto-friendly meats and vegetables.

  1. Deconstructed Pork Egg-Roll

Deconstructed Pork Egg-Roll

Another one of Maria Emmerich’s recipes that we’ve adapted here at Ketoned Bodies, the Deconstructed Pork Egg-Roll is a worthy addition to our meal-delivery menu. It’s tasty. It’s fun. And it’s everything good about egg rolls recast in a way that’s keto friendly. The completely organic egg roll filling contains pork, coconut oil, garlic, ginger, coconut oil, sea salt, chili flakes, and a variety of delectable spices. It comes complete with a fresh cabbage mixture and is keto’s answer to those Chinese-food cravings.

  1. Best Keto Brownies

Best Keto Brownies

If figuring out keto dinner ideas has you stumped, wait until you try to come up with some keto desserts! The good news is that chocolate, when done right, is a keto-friendly solution to the carb-shaped hole in your diet. That’s why these Best Keto Brownies (from Keto Connect) are so perfect. No sugar. Lots of butter. Three eggs. Unsweetened cocoa. What more could you want? At only 3 net carbs, you’ll be wondering how in the world this keto dessert tastes so good. And while brownies may not be a dinner idea (per se), there’s nothing stopping you from incorporating these easy, delicious, fudgy brownies into your next evening meal.

  1. Keto Chicken BLT Salad

A good salad is a great way to go for easy keto dinner recipes, and this Keto Chicken BLT Salad (from Diet Doctor) is as good as it gets. A classic BLT sandwich may not be totally keto friendly, but replace the bread with some leafy greens and add some chicken thigh and garlic mayonnaise, and you’re in keto town. Preparation time on this one tops out at around 15 minutes, so as long as you’ve got the ingredients ready and access to a skillet (for the bacon and chicken), you won’t have to plan this meal too far in advance. Just make sure to take precautions when handling the raw chicken, or substitute in some pre-cooked rotisserie chicken.

  1. Keto Chicken BLT Salad

A juicy pork chop paired with some low-carb veggies is enough to make almost any keto dieter’s mouth water. That’s why Ketoned Bodies has included this Boneless Pork Chop and Zucchini Spears dish as part of our keto delivery menu. The pork chop is 100% pastured organic boneless and comes with a spice rub made up of sea salt, paprika, coriander, onion powder, turmeric, garlic, and black powder. Perfectly grilled, with a flavorful char and a succulent center, this pork chop meal includes zucchini spears and mashed cauliflower as sides, so you can enjoy some good fiber along with your fats and proteins.

  1. Meatloaf and Sides Red Pepper Glaze

Meatloaf and Sides Red Pepper Glaze

Bread may be a keto no-no, but you can still enjoy some loaf — meatloaf, that is. And when it comes to mom’s Meatloaf and Sides Red Pepper Glaze meal from Ketoned Bodies, enjoy is exactly what you’ll be dong. Combining 100% grassfed beef with green peppers, eggs, onions, heavy cream and more, and covered in a delicious red-pepper glaze, this meatloaf dish is a great way to celebrate dinner while hitting your macros. Broccoli and mashed cauliflower sides bring in some extra vitamins and fiber, and help round out the entire experience.

  1. Wonton Soup

When you think about it, the only thing that keeps traditional wonton soups from fitting the keto diet is the wonton wrappers; get rid of them, and you’re in business. So that’s exactly what this recipe from Mark’s Daily Apple does. This delicious Wonton Soup recipe ditches the carb-rich wrappers and instead has you just roll the ground pork filling directly into small meatballs. Cook them in the recipe’s chicken-stock broth and serve it all together with raw baby spinach or baby bok choy. Feel free to add chopped green onions and chili oil if you’d like a little more kick.

  1. Wonton Soup

For a lot of people, Italian food and the ketogenic diet simply don’t mix. But what those people need to remember is that there’s more to Italian food than just carb-heavy pastas. Take this easy Chicken Saltimbocca recipe (from Keto Connect) for example. A combination of chicken, prosciutto, and spinach, this recipe offers Italian tastes without Italian carbs. The end result is a mouth-wateringly delicious meal that only sticks you with 1.3 grams of net carbs per serving. And, if the listed ingredients are too pricey, or if you’d like to add your own personal touch, this recipe is easy to adapt to fit any taste.

  1. Chicken and Andouille Sausage Jambalaya

Chicken and Andouille Sausage Jambalaya

Rice is pretty high in carbs, so before you can enjoy traditionally rice-centered meals on the keto diet, you need to find something to replace it. Cauliflower rice makes it all possible, and is the perfect ingredient to complete the Ketoned Bodies Chicken and Andouille Sausage Jambalaya. This “dirty rice” dish will have you cleaning your plate. Mixing pork sausage, chicken thighs, and chicken liver with a variety of spices and low-carb vegetables, this cajun treat will knock your taste buds on their backs, but won’t knock your body out of ketosis.

  1. Keto Asian Noodle Bowl

Keto Asian Noodle Bowl

Much like pasta and rice, Asian noodles are some of the first things a keto dieter will have to learn how to pass up before they can become fully fat adapted. Miracle noodles change all of that, by offering an Asian-noodle substitute with zero net carbs. And now, with this recipe from Keto Connect, you can use those noodles to create a Keto Asian Noodle Bowl with all of the flavor and satisfaction of traditional ramen. Incorporating chicken, eggs, mushrooms, scallions, pink salt, and a delicious marinade, this noodle bowl will have you rethinking Asian noodles. However, it does require a bit more prep time than some of the other easy recipes on this list, so make sure that you take that into account when you’re planning your meals.

  1. Keto Scramble with Sausage

Keto Scramble with Sausage

Eggs are the keto dieters best friend — they’re high in fat, contain moderate protein, and are essentially carb-free. But what makes them such a boon is that they’re also easy to adapt into many different dishes. The Keto Scramble with Sausage from Ketoned Bodies is one such meal. Scrambled eggs mixed with sausage, cheese, red peppers, and more make for a flavorful and filling meal perfect for breakfast or dinner. And, if you decide to create your own variation, you can easily add other low-carb vegetables and high-fat meats. All you need are some organic eggs, a skillet, and a few of your other favorite keto-friendly ingredients.

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