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Ketoned Bodies has the Healthiest, Tastiest and most Powerful Keto Meals available today! While we have competitors, we simply do not have equals. We are hands down the best Keto Meal Delivery service in the country.  What’s our secret? Ingredients and Integrity! We have integrity that other companies don’t because when we advertise a  keto meal as healthy and clean, well, it actually is! For both health and humane reasons, we refuse to use meats from factory-farmed, grain-fed animals. We know that such meats are anything but clean and healthy and that an actually clean and healthy meal only contains 100% Grass-Fed Beef and 100% Pastured Eggs, Poultry, and Pork. We know that factory-farmed, grain-fed meats will get you no where with your health and fitness goals and that any company that uses these meats should not be allowed to call them clean and healthy. In the end, we are here to provide you with the healthiest meal available and educate you enough to call out other meal prep companies on their BS! Clean and Healthy actually means something and if people are entrusting their health with your meals, then, as a company, you’d better care about what you are feeding them. Any company that can call factory-farmed, grain- meats clean and healthy is simply concerned with profits and has no concern what so ever for health! If they cared about the health of their customers, then, they wouldn’t use such products that are unquestionably detrimental to someone’s health. There has to be truth in advertising when it comes to food because food is related to health! This to us, then, is why ingredients equal integrity!As part of this promise all our meals are prepared in a UDSA inspected facility.

But what does this all mean if a meal doesn’t taste good enough to be eaten and enjoyed every day. At Ketoned Bodies, our saying is if a meal doesn’t taste good enough for a cheat day, then it doesn’t taste good enough for any day. This, then, is the second part of our formula for success: make meals taste good enough where rather than falling off the wagon, people want to fall onto the wagon! We make every meal with both health and taste in mind and ensure that you will want to eat our food even if you aren’t concerned with health and fitness. With such an approach, our meals are effective as can be and our meal plan are beyond easy to stick to.

Last, we also created Ketoned Bodies variety of  keto meals for those that are new to Ketosis or for those that have had trouble with Ketosis in the past. We have helped numerous clients that tried a Ketogenic Diet in the past with only focusing on their macro nutrient ratios. As a result, they failed and did not have a positive experience with Ketosis. We know that ingredients matter just as much as macro ratios if not even more. We know that eating things like fast food burgers without the bun will only take you so far with Keto and that such an approach rarely results in sustainable results. Contact us today and let us help you experience Optimal Ketosis!